Welcome to Derpy Deliverence! You've got Derpymail!

 If you are here, then you either must've mistaken us for a postal site, or you want our beloved Derpy Hooves back in her full glory. What? You thought it was over? Oh no, sir, the truth has yet to come out, and Derpy has yet to be cleared of all charges. What charges? She is charged with being offensive, can you believe that? Me neither. Ever wonder what happened to the love and tolerance that the show taught? Ever wonder why it was never applied to this situation? Well, we have answers! Take a good read of the theory created and posted by EBecK, and see what you think. Contribute to the cause by way of our forum, and help us find the solution that Hasbro needs in order to restore Derpy Hooves. If we work together under the magic of friendship, we can accomplish anything, including this. So, show your support and contributions and let's get our Derpy back!