The Theory on Derpy Hooves Alteration by EBecK

Let me ask you something: If you were given the chance to save Derpys name,face and voice, would you take it? I believe I have found a way to that goal. I have here a theory that explains how Derpy was wrongly accused. I know that with enough support, we can get the attention we need to get our Derpy back. Derpy is a symbol of our pride as bronies. When she first appeared, she was merely seen as an animation error, however, we built her up. We gave her a name, a personality, a face that brings joy and smiles. And we gave her love. Lots of love. We rejoiced when she was called to by our name that we gave her and when she spoke, our hearts melted. But that fateful day, a dark cloud approached and Derpy was altered. She lost the right to a name, her voice was made generic, not her own, and her face was changed....because she was different and folks didn't like that. Where was the love and tolerance? It was tainted by those who sought Derpys demise. Now I ask you to help cleanse her image, with what I believe is the key to doing so.

So, before you claim hopelessness, and say that my goal is extreme, please, listen to my theory, for it is quite a reasonable one:

I believe all those hate emails sent to Hasbro and the Hub saying that Derpy was offensive ACTUALLY were anti-bronies looking to deal a blow to us. Therefore, those emails sent were fake...fabrications as to shake up Hasbro into "fixing" Derpy.

Now here's my logic:

Why was Derpy the only one targeted as offensive while there was plenty more possible offensive ones? Remember "Sweet and Elite"? There was a hillbilly-like pony that acted like most would believe hillbillies would come no country folk found that offensive, hmm? Also, in "Read it and Weep" do you recall a mentally unstable pony that barked like a dog? She had mental problems, yet no one took offense to that. Why? Remember Snails? He acted in a very similar way ot Derpy and his own name suggests similaritys, yet he was left alone. Why? I shall tell you: those characters were created by Hasbro and Hasbro alone, us bronies didn't delve too deep into them, HOWEVER, Derpy is our pride and joy, she was adored by bronies...and that's exactly what the haters knew. Once they realized that one of our beloved backrground characters became canon, they were infuriated and wanted to make us miserable. So they forged up some emails saying that Derpy was "offensive" strung up a web of lies, and trapped Hasbro in it. Don't believe me? Well, ask yourself this; is Hasbro REALLY trying to be offensive? Don't you think that one would stop and think about it before automatically assuming that Derpy was a tool of offense? Wouldn't someone know that their actions would affected hundreds upon thousands of fans? ONLY DERPY WAS TARGETED! No pony else. Doesn't that seem strange?

I look around the community and those who say they or someone they know that does have a mental illness took no offense to Derpy at all. Amy Keating Rogers told us that she received a mere 10 emails that slandered Derpy's good name. Only 10? I would think that much, much more would be needed if Derpy truly was offensive. But these anti-bronies made those messages as downgrading as possible to scare Hasbro into "fixing" our precious Derpy. Hasbro pleased a mere 10 people with that and saddened thousands of others. Not the smartest idea in the world, huh? I know Hasbro's intentions were good, but no profit can be gained for losing hundreds of supporters, and gaining a measly few.

There are several definitions to the word "derp", Rogers was unlucky enough to find the offensive ones, however, that DOES NOT mean that was what Derpy was implying! Nor does it mean she found the correct one. She found the word off biased site with no real logic or base. Know Your Meme stated that the word meant klutzy or clumsy, as shown by the examples they gave, that's just what Derpy is: She's merely that klutzy lovable character that one can't get enought of, there is nothing offensive about that. Remember, out of all the possible offensive portrayals, the only one that was targeted was the one that the bronies helped in creating; Derpy Hooves. This points to anti-bronies, claiming to be "offended", so as they could strike a blow to our fair community...there is no proof that they were truly offended, nor is there proof that previous possible offenses occured through diffferent's just Derpy.

I encourage you to advocate my theory and to spread the word to all who wish Derpy to be revived. I know that there are people who support me already, but if we are ever going to get the attention we need, we need the support of all possible canidates. Please, if you want Derpy back, give my theory a chance, I will address any concerns or questions you may have, for I have unwaivering confidence in my theory...and I hope you feel the same...let's us band together, pull our Derpy from the gaping maw of the abyss, and suppress all who stand our way...even if I'm hated for this, or I must disgrace myself as a brony, I am NOT about to let a symbol of our brony pride and joy be lost in lies and drowned in darkness! I cannot do this alone, however, help me gain the eyes of the higher ups, and possibly Hasbro and the Hub themselves...a long shot, yes, but I'm not about to give up hope...what about you?

Show your support: spread the word in every comment you make,post a comment in here to show support, in every story you read, and perhaps draw the attention of EqD. Email everyone well-known brony; the EqD team, DerpyHoovesNews, the Youtube dwellers, etc. and tell them about this campaign and say "we want our Derpy back from the clutches of the wrongdoers." One alone cannot convince them, but if we all show that we still care, they will take notice, and eventually Hasbro will too. Pitch in your effort, for the reward that manifests from effort shall be a joyous one.

EDIT: Also, take a look at what Know Your Meme's defination of the word "derp" is: They defined the word as being used when an ACT of stupidity is commited, not a PERSONALITY of stupidity i.e retardation. Urban Dictionary is a biased site, and therefore cannot be trusted to fully grasp the meaning of the word. It describes stupid in a clumsy comical way, not a mentally disabled way. And the tributes still come, thus building my theory even more. Oh, the motivation!

EDIT: Also consider that I have presented a plethora of logic and evidence. What have those emails presented? Complaints, that's what, but on what grounds? Her name is offensive? Her face is offensive? Her voice is offensive? Please. The name was not intended to be offensive so it's not, furthermore, the actual meaning was defined to described acting clumsy and that's simply that. Derpy is not being offensive and giving off a retarded personality, more like she's being the loveable clumsy and confused pony we all knwo and love, just that.The definition that came from Urban Dictionary came from a biased site with no real logic. Know Your Meme even said that the word merely described acting, and not truly mental. Derpy the word is simply defined as clumsy or confused, not derpy the slang word that came from a biased site. The face she shows is merely a comical cross-eyes that a good lot of characters on the show presented at various times, they were derped. Yet they weren't found offensive in the short moments they had, hell, even Derpy didn't always have said look at various times. Her voice: sounds a bit like Snails, hmm? And you know the story behind him: he has very similar traits to Derpy, and even his name could be questionable(Snails=slow=retarded) But nope, he was left alone, and Derpy was targeted. Because she was brony-made, and therefore the perfect target for haters. Now consider this, before making the argument that other characters from different shows with similar traits were tolerated. The creators of those shows have lower standards than Hasbro. People expect some vulgar and crude humor out of them. Hasbros however is tricky, they think that Derpy is offensive simply because people complained and said everything about her is offensive. They even scared them into changing her, intimidations, not a cordial complaint like average folks would do. The only folks I know who would attempt intimidation are those who HATE Derpy. However, I have presented evidence against all there complaints and we must show Hasbro that they have nothing to fear, for their complainst are baseless.

EDIT: If you agree with me and wish to let your voice be heard, let me know. For my supporters are in the process of creating a video that will reach out to the poor souls that are stricken with sorrow at the lost of Derpys glory. We can make this happen, for we are strong when we support each other!EDITCEPTION: If you know how to make a decent website, please tell me, and I shall provide what is needed on said site, for we can become more organized with for our usage.

EDIT: Hurricane Fluttershy, you do me great things! Derpy's eyes have been restored, thus suggesting that Hasbro is, in fact, listening! This was shown on multiple occassions during the episode too. Perhaps they might restore her eyes in the clip? Don't stop now, let this motivate you further!

EDIT: Even if you don't agree with this, if you do care about Derpy, consider lending your support anyway. This is not about me being right, it's about Derpy and this situation. I know there folks out there who care about Derpy, but can't seem to see any hope. If you help us and lend your support, we will be one step closer to creating the chance to restore Derpy.Hasbro likes Derpy, but they couldn't see a profit from keeping her as she was, and they worried about the emails. We must show that such profit does exist and that they have nothing to worry about. How? By gathering as one, we can find the answers together. If you care about Derpy, then whether or not you think my theory is right or not, you should want to lend your support for Derpys sake. If you don't, that's your right, but we also have the right to desire Derpy back and speak our minds about it. "As long as we believe in ourselves, anything is possible." A plural version of the message that Hurricane Fluttershy stated, something to think about.

EDIT: I may have come across some evidence that could prove malicious intent towards Derpy and the bronies. There is a hate group on Youtube that is said to target everything they think is "wrong in the world" i.e Derpy and the bronies, but also the mentally disabled, religious folk, all those uncomfortable topics and effectively erase them i.e drive them to suicide. One such member bragged about how they were the ones who got Derpy censored and even threatened the bronies to do the same with them. Well, they need to watch their mouths for that provides support to this theory. I also believe that somewhere in the content of the emails sent to Hasbro is proof that further supports this theory. And if there is, then we might be able to get EqDs assistance, if not, then we still have suspicions, meaning that some evidence exists somewhere. Keep up your support, progress is being made!EDITCEPTION: There is! Recall when Mrs. Rogers made her statement; she was labeled an "ablest" in one of them. What kind of parent who cared would use such a word? They wouldn't, for it would contradict the shows message. That word suggests that there was HATRED towards Derpy, and since she was brony influenced(considering every other possibility) there was HATRED towards bronies, which points to that hate group. Not much farther now!

EDIT: There's another goal to this campaign: do you remember the days where love and tolerance was valued greatly by bronies? This was before the incident occured, afterwards, however, it wasn't so valued. Any hate comments directed towards the bronies or Derpy made them vulnerable to anger. I believe that if we restore Derpy, we can restore the love and tolerance that was valued so greatly.

EDIT: YES! I have confirmed that we have an indirect connection to Hasbro. It's not direct, like EqD direct, but it's a HUGE step foward. If we keep up the support and awareness, we are sure to succeed!
(Note: This can also be found on EBecK's FiMficition account, same username, go to the blog)