What is Derpy Deliverence?

Derpy Deliverence is the name of the movement led by a brony name EBecK. This campaign, unlike other Save Derpy campaigns, does not seek mere names and signatures. No, it seeks to gain notice, it seeks to gain attention, it seeks to rally the bronies together that want Derpy restored to her former Derptastic self. It uses a theory thought up by EBecK, to give an idea on how Derpy's change was unecessary. It tells how Derpy was misunderstood to the point of censorship, why we must press on to revitalize her image, how one can show their support, and it is backed up by logic and evidence. This campaign has gone far beyond the potential of any petition or other movement. It has connected with some very potent allies, such as holding an indirect connection to Hasbro, as well as the support of the author of the famed My Little Dashie story; ROBCakeran53.

 So why is Derpy important enough to fight for? Well, if you've taken a look around the Internet, wherever there's a group of bronies and a hateful comment that slanders Derpy is made, is there love and tolerance? The answer is no. Before this incident, love and tolerance was valued greatly by bronies, however, after the Derpy dilemma, they became vulnerable to hatred and anger. By restoring Derpy, we also restore the value of love and tolerance as seen by bronies before. Hasbro was indeed regretful of their decision, yet could not see a solution out. One of the primary goals of this campaign is that all bronies band together under the magic of friendship, and find a solution. Once one has been found, Hasbro will be contacted, and Derpy will be restored, available for future episodes in her full derped glory! So let us work as one, fellow bronies, and get Derpy back to her glorified self again!