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I know the site is a bit dead right now. but if anyone is still on, please say something. we need help to rebuild the campaing and give it new life. we need to do this, not just for derpy but to bring back the very morals of love and respect that seem to have died when she was "censored".


All true, Except that i would never hurt my freinds

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That's the second time, isn't it?

I mean, the second time you post in the forums wanting people to say something.

I guess I'll stay around and see if anything changes again.

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How about instead of staying and watching, you go out and do something? Get your friends here, get more people here, instead of hoping for the best. I did say that if you truly wanted her back, you must be willing to put in an effort and beyond, because so far; only a select few have. I'm not expecting a sudden breakthrough, this site needs more people first and foremost. How about messaging friends, and others willing to help? I mean, I got a few Tumblr people to help out, but I don't believe anyone else(save a few) have. I was gravely mistaken when I thought all one had to do is join and hope. Effort is a must, for we cannot be seen without doing anything, unless a miracle occurs. Therefore, utilize friendship, make friends, tell them. I adore the morals of the show, and have used them to drive me forward.

Remember: friendship is magic, and magic makes miracles.


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